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Sunsea Commerce& Trading Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in agricultural services. After more than 20 years of development, our company has now become the largest fertilizer supplier in the Middle East. We mainly participate in fertilizer bidding projects, and also a stable & nominated fertilizer supplier of the Ministry of agriculture in the main Middle East countries.We are proud of our own brand"Green More" which has more than 2000 fertilizer distributors in Middle East.

As a professional manufacturer & supplier, we exports about 100,000 tons of potassium sulfate, 50,000 tons of di-ammonium phosphate ,80,000 tons of NPK compound fertilizer and 30,000 tons of other fertilizer every year. Annual sales exceeds 30 million US dollar. Our fertilizer is exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe & the United States, Canada,African markets.

Sunsea Commerce &Trading Co.,Ltd., with 20 years' experience in fertilizer business,more than 500 employees in the world.Our head-office in Taizhou, but we also have branches in Shanghai and Toronto,Canada.


As a professional agricultural service company, we have our own Research & Development team. In addition to a large supply of basic fertilizers, we have been working to develop new fertilizers to improve crop uptake and protect the soil environment. 


We have a series of organic fertilizers and various formulations of custom liquid fertilizers, which have achieved good results in increasing yield, increasing income of farmers and protecting soil in practical application.We always think outside the box and develop new products.

Our company has a sound quality management system. All fertilizers must undergo strict ex-factory testing and provide third-party testing reports according to customer requirements before exporting. Our fertilizer has a shelf life of 12 months. Within 12 months after the customer receives the goods, we shall bear full liability and refund for any quality problems such as solid fertilizer caking, liquid fertilizer precipitation or insufficient content.

We are different from other Chinese companies whose service is an end after get payment.Our service is not over.


We have special team work for after sale service who pay attention to whether you have received the goods smoothly, whether you have any objections to the quantity, whether you are satisfied with the quality, whether our fertilizers are sold well, etc. 


So, if you have any questions, we hope you can give us timely feedback. Our team will help you solve the problem, support your business and expand your sales.


With us, your money in safe, your business in safe.   

As a professional and comprehensive agricultural service company, besides traditional agriculture, we are also developing modern indoor agriculture.

In the modern greenhouse agriculture, we have experienced technical team with many years of practical experience in agriculture.And we cooperate with China Agricultural University to develop multi functional LED grow lights. Comparing to other manufacturers based on commercial lighting, our LED grow lights combined with the growth of different crops, with more rational design, less energy consumption, and more energy saving and environmental protection.


We are determined to provide more quality, efficient and environmentally friendly products to our customers all over the world. 

As a professional and socially responsible company, Sunsea Commerce& Trading Co., Ltd.has always been committed to the sustainable development of modern agriculture. In addition to ensuring the supply of high & stable quality products,we also provide professional agricultural consulting services in the following areas.

1. Provide professional recommendation support in the use of fertilizer.

2. Provide professional advice on the safe handling of fertilizer..

3. Timely communication with customers on agriculture chemicals information, application requirements and procedures to improve health and environmental care.

4. Provide professional registration support for customers.

Quality is the life of our enterprise. We dedicate our lives to maintain product quality and the healthy development of agriculture!